Carson Arthur


Critical Listing comes to the rescue with hand-picked projects and ideas that help you sell your home for top dollar. Watch the Critical Listing team turn a homeowner’s small investment into upwards of $100,000 added value. Budget isn’t the only challenge; these homes must also sell as soon as possible. Can we do it?
Home, First Home is a television series produced as part of the Better Show, a syndicated lifestyle television show. It airs weekdays on 155 stations across the United States. HFH, is a real estate based program which focuses on the purchase of a home by first time homeowners. As the buyers go through the process, they are given guidance from 3 different coaches; a lifestyle, an interior design and an outdoor design expert. These experts help the soon-to-be new homeowners see the pitfalls and the potential in several home options.
Cityline is a television program produced by Citytv that offers advice and information from experts. Each show has a theme that changes daily. These include "Around the House," "Family Day," "Home Day," and "Fashion Friday."
Carson is currently the outdoor guest expert on The Shopping Channel. TSC showcases various products which viewers can purchase either by telephone or internet. TSC also distributes a catalogue twice per year and owns an off-air outlet store located in Toronto.
Green Force tackles the urban landscape with one goal in mind, to turn unused urban landscapes into sustainable green spaces. Host / designer Carson Arthur and his team are dedicated to bringing ‘green' back to the hospices, the subway stations, the daycares, the asphalt parks, the downtown buildings and anywhere else the concrete jungle has taken over.
Room To Grow is a Canadian home improvement television show starring Amanda Eaton and Carson Arthur. The series focuses primarily on outdoor landscaping improvements, such as backyard and garden spaces. The series offer viewers practical and inspiring ideas for garden makeovers, showing people how a little thought and energy can transform a good garden into a great outdoor space.

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