Q & A: Answering questions about plants indoors

After my latest article on bringing plants inside, I had several readers reach out with questions and comments about having plants inside to help get through the winter blahs.

Q) Angela in Lawrencetown wrote: “I loved your article on terrariums and plants under glass. My problem is that I live in a small apartment and don’t have a lot of natural light. Are there other options for bringing some floral colour into my home?”

A) The trouble with plants is that they all seem to need some sort of light. I’ve played with different lighting systems and many of the new grow-light technologies work really well as a substitute for natural sunlight in your home.

Unfortunately, the harsh blue-tinged light isn’t the nicest to look at and curbs the joy of having flowering plants in the first place.

Instead, why don’t you opt for a coffee table book? Now this sounds crazy — and I’m laughing at myself for saying it — but I recently stumbled across a book that had such vivid pictures, it was almost like the plants were jumping off of the page. It’s like having an instant garden at your fingertips.

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