Grow a beautiful, weed-free garden

I recently received a note from a reader named Linda about a problem that many people are faced with.

“I have been reading your column with great interest for some time and have learned much to improve my gardening. One thing I have not seen any articles about are to do with how to get rid of invasive species of plants.

Our home has a lovely backyard space with a fence between our backyard and that of our neighbours. We are not certain who owns the fence as it existed here when we bought the property 20 years ago, and our back neighbours have changed several times in that 20 years. There are raspberry canes creeping into our yard and spreading throughout. There is Virginia creep in their yard coming into ours, also.

We want to cut everything out of this back yard border space, dig it up and plant some shrubs and flowers. But I don’t know how to get rid of these invasive plants.”

There is a really simple answer as to why I haven’t touched this subject until now … there is no solution.

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