Don’t let small outdoor space stop you from growing produce

Ready to jump on the GIY bandwagon? Grow-it-yourself has more than swept the nation . . . it’s quickly becoming one of the top hobbies again, according to

For the last 10 years, gardening made way for landscaping in our backyards with all of the focus on useable space like decks and patios instead of on perennials. Now the pendulum has swung again in favour of more plants, especially for the first-time homeowner.

What amazes me is the ingenuity and the technology that is now available for anyone without a plot of ground to plant in.

For many condo owners, this lack of yard is the hardest thing to overcome.

I have good news, though — whether you have a rooftop, a balcony or even a window ledge, growing fresh produce has never been so easy.

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