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Carson Arthur is a widely popular and sought after speaker. With a keen insight into how homeowners view their outdoor spaces, Carson is able to both enlighten and entertain large crowds with practical information that appeals to all. He uses a mix of images, anecdotes, statistics and personal experiences to show audiences the true potential of outdoor design.


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eco backyard


Today’s homeowners want options for their outdoor spaces that are beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly. Learn how to make the most of your outdoor space and find the balance between your needs and the needs of the planet.

rock garden

Low Maintenance Gardening

Want less work and still have a beautiful outdoor space? Thankfully, you are not alone! Learn how to make the most of your outdoors and still create yards that look beautiful and require less than 30 minutes a week to maintain.

urban farming

Urban Farming

Understanding the newest group of homebuyers and why Millennials have listed growing vegetables as a reason to buy a house. Learn from first hand experiences on what works and what doesn’t before you run out and invest in a home with a big backyard.

backyard deck and patio

Show me the money!

Every square inch of your property has value. Are you making the most of yours? From decks to patios to curb appeal; learn the best spots to invest your renovation dollars to maximize your investment.

backyard shed

Show Me More Money!

(A follow up to Show me the Money)

Knowing who is going to buy your home when you are done with it is a powerful tool when choosing what renovations you should do. Learn how to renovate the outside of your home to attract a certain type of buyer.

outdoor renovations

The Top 5!

The best places to renovate your home are all on the outside! Learn why landscaping has passed kitchens and baths as the best place to renovate first. We look at the numbers behind outdoor renovations and the best 5 spots you should improve today!

stone patio

The New Low

Modern trends may work for the inside of your home, but is modern good for the outside? Learn why the latest trends may not be the best choice for you or for the environment.

filming a garden segment

The Changing Face of Gardening in the Media

Where did all the gardening shows go? Learn why gardening left…and if it will ever come back as the Canadian definition of the backyard changes once again.

outdoor living room

How to Protect Your Outdoor Investment In A Changing Marketplace

Generation X has pushed the landscaping budget bar to new heights and outdoor renovations were already expensive. Learn how to invest in our homes and not lose money while we live in them.

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