More than just a spot to store your shovel

The garden shed has made an amazing transformation over the last few years. No longer are homeowners satisfied with a little wooden shed in the back corner of the yard. Sheds now have to look good, as they are becoming a focal point in our outdoor living spaces.

There are two reasons why this is happening. The first, backyards are getting smaller as homes are getting bigger. The available space outside is shrinking, which means we can’t hide our beat-up tins sheds behind a large bush anymore. The other main reason has to do with our need for more. With all of the fantastic tools and outdoor furniture available, our need for storage has increased dramatically as we acquire more things. This means our sheds are getting larger, making them even harder to keep discrete.

Instead of helping my clients hide their sheds, I am bringing them front and centre. Here are two perfect examples of how sheds can be so much more in your backyard space.

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